Every student has a hidden talent and in most of the cases it is in a dormant stage. It is the responsibility of the college to create an atmosphere where in the students realize their potential and develop skills towards achieving excellence and it is here that we take pleasure in helping student to achieve their desired level of completeness, apart from their scholastic achievement and add new dimension of substantive impact on their future career.
The future of any country depends on the outlook and behaviour of the students and the college is a platform to mould a student to be a fit model accepted to the society. Therefore we also give the importance in imbibing moral and right values while grooming them to excel in their respective field of education. At MES the students receive a hands-on education coupled with innovative research opportunities.
The college of pharmacy at MES, has a long tradition of excellence in pharmacy and research. While we cherish this past, we are preparing our students for a future that will bring continuing change to the practice of pharmacy. In order to be ready for this inevitable change, part of our mission is to prepare our students for long life learning, and to be leaders in all areas of pharmaceutical care. Among our strength is a large body of committed and dedicated teachers and alumni who provide our students with opportunities to learn from their life experiences as well as the support of our knowledge necessary to reach for higher level of experience. A key factor that distinguishes us from many of the other colleges of pharmacy is research. Our faculty members are engaged in research that has the potential of transform the world, while these teachers also provide high quality instruction to our students as cutting edge aspects of pharmacy. This dedicated group of individuals is one we cherish, and continually work to maintain and enhance. Admission to the MES College of pharmacy is highly competitive and the students represent tomorrow’s leaders. I welcome you to college and experience what we have to offer. Once you do, I am confident that you will realize that our college is synonymous with excellence.